Westside Spring Retreat March 27-29 at Pine Springs Camp

Cost? $50. Makes checks payable to Westside COC
Deposit:-$10 for t-shirt (if you are paying for full cost yourself) or Registration Form & money turned in from friend


“WestsideTeen Bring a Friend” Promo

-Bring 1 Friend– Get your Retreat Cost FREE ($50)
-2nd Friend– Westside Teen gets $25 in Youth Account
-3rd friend (and more)- $5 in youth account



What is the root of who you are? What is the root of who Westside youth is? What is the Root of who Jesus is? What is
the root of who Jesus is calling us to be in
El Paso, our families, our schools, the world?


What will we do?:

Hike, Outdoor Group Games, sleep in cabins, have a campfire, Capture the Flag, water balloon volleyball, study Bible, nightly
devos, Have a blast!


*For more info Contact Caleb Harrelson at (915) 401-6065