A home is…
A house with love inside.
Four walls glued together with the magic paste of tears and laughter, sorrows and joys and dreams.
A sanctuary, a friendly port for the lonely, a beacon for the wanderer.
Built with bricks and mortar and lumber and nails and concrete…and devotion and love and courtesy and courage.
As warm as the glow of a fire in the fireplace…as serene as a cat napping in the sun on a window sill.
A front door that has known many a happy greeting and a lot of sad farewells.
A nursery that has known a child’s cry in the night…and a parlor that had heard a lover’s sigh.
A boy’s bedroom with pennants and posters on the wall, a ball glove in the corner, and music turned up loud.
A happy den full of talk and laughter, a kitchen where Thanksgiving feasts have been prepared, and a living room where games have been watched.
A bookcase filled with strange and wonderful tales, a carpet worn with the scuffle of little shoes, a lawn that has known bare feet in a summer sprinkle.
A home is many things…but most of all, a home is a house held together by a family’s love.

Westside Bulletin for January 7, 2017